1. The Waning Days of Summer

  2. Whatup Fellas!?  That custom-dye job on your Sweet Stuff Inside bucket is ill AF John!


    Our OBX buds

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  3. Mustang Sally

    "One of these early mornings, OH, you gonna be wiping your weeping eyes.
    I bought you a brand new mustang ‘bout nineteen sixty five
    Now you come around sayin you a woman, you don’t wanna let me ride.
    Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.
    You been running all over town now.
    OH! I guess I’ll have to put your flat feet on the ground.”

    Everything but the ‘Tang, available in the shop!

  4. Come check out our rockin vintage collection!

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  5. It’s been super muggy out here lately (“Soup Mugs!!”), which means high temps and even higher humidity. We’re taking the opportunity to stay inside, photograph some of our vintage collection, and our NEW Moms gear. Gotta get it online for our outta town Fam! In between, we’re sneaking in as many dips at the pool as we can manage. Stay cool y’all!

  6. Did anyone else have a perfect weekend!? Photo of the July 13th Supermoon, by #obx photographer Ryan Moser (@ryanmoser on Instagram)

  7. Checkin 'em out!
    This lace duster is everything!
    The hottest beach cover up you'll ever own!
    Printed mini shorts are a summer staple! Available in floral and tribal patterns.
    Moose hung out while we took some shots!
    That pro-pose tho!
    Vintage two-finger enamel rings. See the other colors under Vintage Jewelry
    Bod-Bod-Body chains! For the days & nights when it's too hot outside to wear much else.
    Caught a pretty sunset too! Not hard to do where we live. ;)

    Took some shots on the Sound the other night, with these three lovelies. It’s always a fun time, and we always learn something new each time we shoot.  Being in business for yourself sometimes feel like a constant process of making mistakes, learning from them and carrying on.  ”We’ll do better next time” has become a common phrase, and we often wonder if we’ll ever have it all figured out! At least the models have their part down, and we think it’s pretty rad that we can shoot these girls au natural: no hair or makeup and NO photoshop!  Just real girls from our hometown, wearing real cool clothes IRL.   

  8. I hate fit pics and shit like this but damn that dude is clean with it

    Writing winter and holiday orders in the middle of the summer is one of our least favorite things to do. Trying to get in that state if mind, while it’s 85*+ outside and 90%humidity. Challenging.

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  9. We had an awesome meeting with one of our reps in VIrginia Beach this week. We can’t wait for our Moms Sweet Shop family to see what’s coming new to the shop for fall 14! 😁

  10. The daily shred